Since the first case of COVID-19 was announced in April 2020, the numbers of new infections have continued to increase from one [1] case to now over 2,726 cases and counting with almost 50 deaths regardless of the tireless efforts by government, supplemented by development partners, NGOs and CBOs; on the other hand.

The COVID-19 progamme and activities focuses on 1. to mobilize and strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of community based organizations, women and girls networks’ response strategies on COVID-19 epidemic within their respective communities through training and capacity building for women leaders and girls, 2. mass sensitization and awareness on risks and prevention (including awareness through community radio talk shows and online platforms to reach people, 3. Distribution/posting of IEC materials, 4. installation of (jerrycans/135 ltrs) hand washing facilities, distribution of soap, making and distribution of face masks and gloves in work places, hospitals, markets and community centers, and 5. Purchase and distribution of sanitary kits for young women and girls most in need.